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Коды ошибок HP LJ 5L/6L


Коды ошибок HP LJ LJ 5L/6L

Paper Out Error. Door Open or No EP Cartridge. Paper Jam.
Memory Error. There is either too much data or the data is too complex.
Incompatible Memory Card.
Manual Feed. The printer is waiting for you to add a piece of paper to the single sheet input slot.
Sleep Mode
Service errors prevent further printer operation until some action is taken. When there is a service error, all of the lights will turn on in a steady state. Press and hold the Front Panel Button to see a pattern in the lights. (The error will only be displayed as long as this button is pressed.)
ROM/RAM Error. An error was found with the ROM or RAM. The printer believes that the ROM is corrupted or an error has been found in the RAM.
Fuser Error. This indicates a fusing assembly malfunction.
Note: Chronic fuser failures or fuser overheating or both are indicators of an uninterruptible power supply or battery backup being used with the printer. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) should notbe used with the printer.
Beam Error. There are a number of causes for this error, and some of the causes may be transient. (They may disappear.)
Engine Error. The formatter and engine are not communicating.
Scanner Error. Caused by a scanner malfunction.
Formatter Error.
Firmware Error.
Processor Error.
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